General Information

Stars practice Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 4:30 PM.

FEE SCHEDULE -2023 Season


*When enrolling by mail, please include 2 checks (1 for reg fees & 1 for deposit)

The fee schedule as follows:

  • 1st Child – $125
  • 2nd Child – $125
  • 3rd or more – $125
  • Uniform fee of $52
  • Space is limited to 250 kids

Refundable Deposit – The refundable “volunteer” deposit will be $175 per family for 2023. As a reminder, the Club does not need your money-–we need you to work at the meets or in administration. Please bring a separate check for this fee.

Fee payment is required at registration. Refunds of fees will be processed if the child drops out of the program prior to the first meet. No refunds are given after the first meet.

Registration fees and fundraising are used towards the following expenses:

  • VCYTC (conference fees)
  • Oxnard Union High School District (facilities use)
  • Storage sheds
  • Timing Equipment maintenance/upgrades
  • Starters fees
  • Track meet and training supplies such as:
    measuring tapes, shot puts, relay batons, starting gun blanks, and other supplies
  • Participant awards
  • Website management/domain fees
  • Licensing fees
  • End of season recognition events
  • Equipment Insurance/maintenance
  • Post season sponsorships (when available as voted on by board)


Volunteers are needed to help run the snack bar at home meets. The snack bar is a fund raising activity for the program. All proceeds benefit the OSYTC.


All injuries or illnesses of athletes must be reported to the athlete’s coach. The coach will determine if the athlete will continue to participate in practice or compete in meets. However, final responsibility for continued participation lies with the parents.


Our meets may be dual or triangular against the other conference clubs. Like age groups compete against each other. Varsity and junior varsity levels facilitate equitable competition in each event.

The coach primarily determines varsity level participation. The guidelines used are established by the conference for each event for each age and gender group. (The official varsity standards are determined based on estimates that about six athletes per year will reach that standard.) Participants that reach the standard are generally within the top performers in the conference. An athlete may participate as a varsity performer if they have not met the standard in the event, however, they must enter varsity events if they have met or exceeded the standard in that event. See the Standards section of this booklet.


Each athlete may compete in a maximum of four (4) events per meet. Additionally, no more than three (3) of the four (4) events can be running events. The event lineup is as follows:

  • Running event order:
    1. 3200m Run: MG,MB,YG,YB,IG,IB
    2. 100m Hurdles: IB,IG,YB,YG
    3. 80m Hurdles: MB,MG
    4. 4x100m Relay: GG,GB,BG,BB,MG,MB,YG,YB,IG,IB
    5. 1600m Run: GG,GB,BG,BB,MG,MB,YG,YB,IG,IB
    6. 400m Dash: GG,GB,BG,BB,MG,MB,YG,YB,IG,IB
    7. 100m Dash: GG,GB,BG,BB,MG,MB,YG,YB,IG,IB
    8. 800m Run: GG,GB,BG,BB,MG,MB,YG,YB,IG,IB
    9. 200m Dash: BG,BB,MG,MB,YG,YB,IG,IB,GG,GB
    10. 4x400m Relay: BG,BB,MG,MB,YG,YB,IG,IB
  • Field events:
    • Long Jump: GG,GB,BG,BB,MG,MB,YG,YB,IG,IB
    • High Jump: BG,BB,MG,MB,YG,YB,IG,IB
    • Shot Put: IG,IB,YG,YB,MG,MB,BG,BB


Our club conducts parent volunteer training for supporting meet functions, such as, hurdle crew, race timing, jump measuring, and other meet day duties. This is designed to help parents learn how to measure in meters and centimeters, and how to operate stopwatches. The host club is responsible for the conduct of each meet. Host club parents help to conduct all events for the home meets. Strong parental participation is essential to running efficient and smoothly run meets.


Another option for parental participation is to be a head coach or assistant coach. The conference provides coach training, written materials, and video tapes for references. New coaches will also learn from working with veteran club coaches. Liability for coaches is covered under conference insurance. Parents will gain unexpected satisfaction by volunteering as a coach.


The first practice this year is scheduled for Monday, February 6, 2023 at 4:30 pm. Oxnard High’s all weather provides a state-of-the- art surface for our meets and practices. The respective coaches for each group will provide specific weekly practice day schedules. Practice normally begins at 4:30 and ends at 5:45pm. Parents are responsible for picking up or ensuring that their athletes are picked up ON TIME after each practice. Our program requests that one parent or guardian is present at all practices and meets.


For daily practices, runners should wear running shorts, a suitable top, socks, and running shoes (no high-tops). Sweats or a jacket and long pants are suggested depending on the weather. Please mark clothing with youth’s names. Make sure participants leave with all of their gear. Youth regularly forget to take their gear home.


Each athlete is responsible for providing his or her own shoes. Gremlins are NOT permitted to wear spiked shoes or running shoes with the spikes removed. They must wear running shoes. All other age groups may wear spikes in meets. Spikes should be 3/16-inch needles. Runners who choose to wear spikes will also need a pair of non-spiked running shoes for practice and warm-up. DO NOT WEAR SPIKES TO PRACTICE. They are harder on the feet and shins than running shoes.


Parents are responsible for ensuring that athlete is physically able to train and compete in track and field. The club requires that you consult your youth’s physician regarding fitness for participation in the Track and Field program.


It is the policy of the Oxnard Stars for each participant to maintain at least a “C” average in school, in order to continue in the OSYTC training and competition activities. With the agreement of the youth’s parents, athlete’s who do not maintain the grade standard will not be allowed to continue in the program.


All meets will start promptly at 8:30 am with the 2 Mile Run, Gremlin Long Jump, Youth/Intermediate Shot Put, and Bantam High Jump. All athletes should be at the track before 8:30am, whether they are in the first event or not. The coaches need to know ahead of time if an athlete will not compete in a meet, so the coach can manage participation in the individual and relay events.


The club will provide a running jersey for the conference schedule. Our club colors are red and black. Parents should buy running shorts, or compression shorts for the participants. Black is the most popular color for shorts. Each youth should keep the jersey clean, and wear it only at meets and other designated events. Participants keep their uniform at the end of the season.


Awards are given to all age groups for each event. Each age group is awarded place ribbons through fifth place. Participation ribbons are awarded to all other participants in each event. When various skill groups (Varsity/Junior Varsity or age/gender) are combined in the same heat, each group is awarded places and ribbons for the respective group. For example if, Youth and Intermediate boys run in the same heat, the first runner is each group receives a blue ribbon. The coaches collect all ribbons at the end of the meet. They are usually distributed at the next scheduled practice, usually the following Monday.


Generally, rain will not cause practice to be cancelled. Practice can go on in rain because the all weather track permits excellent drainage and safe running.


We will announce an end of season recognition event, usually a picnic, later in the season. Parents will be notified of the specific event, time, and place.